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Back in the 1920's, two enterprising individuals combined their strengths to form one of the most recognized and respected consumer brands in the world - Rubbermaid.Covering the globe from the USA to Europe to Korea, Rubbermaid today is hailed as "America's Most Admired Corporation", with four core businesses, three leading brands and over 4,000 products in 100 countries at more than 125,000 retail outlets.

Storage Bowls

Rubbermaid now makes your job as a housewife easier and enjoyable.With the introduction of Airtight Storage Bowls, Rubbermaid gives you an attractive and durable solution for storing and preserving various kinds of food items. These bowls are available in sets of 8 pieces, in different sizes, and three exciting colors, including red, blue and green adding to the beauty of your kitchen. Made from Food Grade Material (PolypropyleneRandom) the bowls are not only durable andstrong but also a healthy alternative to ordinaryutensils. .This material also gives the bowls a beautiful transparent shinemaking them look great around the house The lid of the bowl is made with special Low Density Polyethylene giving it incomparable elasticity to retain its shape in hot and cold climates.


Now you can serve and store different types of cold beverages in Rubbermaid’s 6-pieces set of stylish tumblers. Great presentation and practicality, that’s what these gorgeous tumblers offer.

Pack them up for a picnic or simply keep beverages in there frigerator.

The Rubbermaid Tumblers are not only greatlooking but are also unbreakable and crack resistant----thanksto the study General Purpose Polystyrene material that goes into making The Tumblers also boast a beautiful luster and clarity that make drinks look all the more tantalizing ---- you can now work smart and look great with no sweat.

Microwave Container

Rubbermaid now gives you an attractive solution for all your micro waving in the form of our Microwave Containers that come in sets of 9 pieces, bringing you convenience in different shapes and sizes. You may now heat, cook and store all kinds of micro wave able-food in these elegant, ivory colored containers made with specially imported material called Talc Filled Polypropylene. Unlike other containers found in the market, Rubbermaid Microwave Containers, while being durable, have an unmatched finish and clarity that is easy to clean and maintain. Make your time in the kitchen comfortable, enjoyable and short!

Vanity Wastebasket

There’s no reason why wastebaskets can’t be attractive and elegantRubbermaid presents durable wastebaskets inthree attractive colors. Made with Low Density Polyethylene, these are soft and elastic and give you years of hassle-free service with out cracking up or breaking.

Vegetable Slicer & Shredder

Available in three attractive colors, the Vegetable Slicer/Shredderis made with High Impact Polystyrene and comes with pure stainless steel blades to make slicing and shredding easy for you, while ensuring protection in usage. Why usea knife when you can do it faster and better with the Rubbermaid Slicer and Shredder.

Rubbermaid has a history of brining convenience to its consumers with practical and elegant solutions for the house. Rubbermaid’s Vegetable Slicer/Shredder is one such example – made from one-piece molding, the Slicer/Shredder is durable and easy to grip.

Baby Bath Tub

Your baby is very special: delicate and soft. You need a bathtub for them that is just as special. Rubbermaid Bath Tubs are made of special Low Density Polyethylene ---- a material that makes them soft, smooth and elasticso that the Bath Tubs are easy to clean and have no rough edges. Your baby needs to be comfortable andsecure ---- make sure you give them the best: Rubbermaid Bath Tubs that know how to take care of your baby and last for a long time.