Mandviwalla MAUSER Plastic Industries

The Mandviwalla Mauser L-Ring Barrel meets the complete requirements for a wide range of products under different climatic and handling conditions. The barrel withstands rough treatment during transportation and storage and is authorized to carry practically all kinds of chemicals including dangerous ones. It handles just like a steel barrel but is light weight and inert and and is easily reconditioned for reuse.

The new 210 liters high molecular weight, high density Polyethylene (HMHDPE) close head and open top barrels make it possible to replace different kinds of conventional mild steel and plastic containers which allows operational simplicity and greater economy from purchasing to end use.

These unique barrels are the result of long years of Research and Development. This includes a perfect blow molding technology that creates a special drum design with L-shaped top and bottom chimes, Manufactured with high density Polyethylene on fully automatic imported plant under controlled environment and strict quality control methods --- both during and after manufacture, guarantees the highest standards in these large size containers.